These workshop materials aim to help organisations recognise when users need extra help to access their services.  They also suggest how organisations can give support for those needs.

They have been designed to help organisations have internal discussions with colleagues, but can also be used for self-study and individual reflection.  You do not need to be an experienced trainer to deliver the workshop.

The materials are free to use.

Organisations may also want to share this short animated video with colleagues to help them understand what we mean when we talk about 'vulnerability in public services'.  

These resources were produced as part of a collaborative project between NIPSO, the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman, Professor Chris Gill (University of Glasgow) and Professor Naomi Creutzfeldt (University of Kent).

We would like to thank the following contributors who were very generous in sharing their understanding of, and approaches to, supporting service users experiencing vulnerability: Geraldine Hanna (Commissioner for Victims of Crime), Christine Kearney (Autism NI), Graham Smith (Consumer Council for Northern Ireland), Conor Lawell (Dementia NI), Janine Toner and Natasha Palmer (Barnardo’s NI Refugee Support Service).

We hope you find the resources helpful and would appreciate any feedback you might have. If you are content for us to contact you about this project and keep you updated about future work, please provide your contact details below.

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