When we receive a complaint about a councillor we check to see whether it is within scope of the Code of Conduct, and whether an investigation would be proportionate and in the public interest.

If we decide to investigate we will gather and assess evidence and may interview the councillor and other witnesses.  The behaviour is measured against the Code, the Commissioner’s Guidance on the Code, and other policies and procedures such as those produced by the Council.

During the investigation, or at the end of the process, we may decide to close the case without any further action.   We may also try and resolve it through Alternative Action, such as a councillor apology, if it seems to us to be the best option.

However, if the evidence suggests the councillor may have breached the Code, the Deputy Commissioner may ask the Commissioner for Standards to make a decision.

The Deputy Commissioner is Mr Sean Martin.  Mr Martin is also the Deputy Ombudsman.

The Director of Investigations is Corinne Nelson.

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