5 Own Initiative reports available

Strengthening our roots: an overview report on tree protection in the planning system

This report was prepared in response to concerns about the protection given to trees and the lack of enforcement action following reported breaches of Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).

Own Initiative Investigation

PIP and the value of further evidence - follow up report

In June 2021 the Ombudsman found that repeated failings by the Department for Communities in how it handled further evidence amounted to ‘systemic maladministration’. Ombudsman Margaret Kelly made 33 recommendations on how the system could be improved.

This follow-up report shows that out of the 33 recommendations made, 10 have been fully met, 18 partly met, and 5 not met. 

Own Initiative Investigation

PIP and the value of further evidence

Our investigation found that the Department for Communities and Capita failed to properly obtain and use all relevant medical information to help them assess claims for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefit.

Own Initiative Investigation

Restrictive Practices in Northern Ireland Schools - an overview report

This report contains details of investigations into restrictive practices in schools, identifies recurring themes, and includes a number of recommendations to the Department of Education.

Own Initiative Investigation

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