New standards for dealing with complaints in local government

Our Complaints Standards team are continuing to work with the local government sector in Northern Ireland to change the way they deal with complaints.

In recent weeks the team has met with representatives from a range of organisations to discuss how complaints can be dealt with quicker, and how the process can be made easier for everyone.  The new system will mean all complaints have to be looked at within five working days.  If it is not possible to resolve complaints within this timescale then a more detailed investigation should take place with the aim of completing it within 20 working days.

We are encouraging all public bodies to try and resolve complaints as early as possible, but also to make sure that they use them as vital sources of feedback to help them improve their services.

In the New Year, NIPSO will agree a model complaints handling procedure with the sector, which will then be rolled out across all local government organisations in Northern Ireland.

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