Huge response to surveys into communications with patients on a healthcare waiting list

We recently conducted two online surveys in support of our Own Initiative investigation into how the Trust communicates with patients on a healthcare waiting list.

Communications with patients on healthcare waiting lists

The focus of these surveys was to identify if poor waiting list communications had impacted on individuals, whether members of the public felt that improvements needed to be made, what they expected in terms of waiting list communications, and whether their expectations were met.

To help us get a broad picture of people’s experiences one survey was aimed at members of the public, and the other at GP surgeries.

In total we received over 600 responses from members of the public, and over 300 from GPs. We are now analysing these responses to inform our investigation and to help with the compilation of any proposed recommendations.

Alongside the surveys, the team have also:

  • Taken part in site visits to all of the Trusts;
  • Held meetings with the Waiting List Management Unit;
  • Reviewed previous NIPSO complaint files with a focus on Trust waiting list communications;
  • Carried out interviews with members of the public affected by waiting list communications;
  • Identified potential case studies to demonstrate the impact of both poor and good communication; and
  • Continued raising enquiries with all Trusts and the Department of Health.

We will continue to give further updates on this investigation in the coming months.

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